I like France and Monaco a lot!

We will assist you in obtaining the residence permit in France as well as in Monaco if required. replicas de relojes

What advantages can the residence permit provide to me?

Free circulation within the Schengen area. Simplified process of obtaining other visas as UK, US, AU, NZ etc. You will not be obliged to return to your home country to extend a visa. You will enjoy the possibility to use the system of public medical insurance. You will gain the opportunity to access the education system, including the public one.

But I do not speak French and I do not have any friends there.

We will help you to settle here. rolex óra

How to open a bank account in Europe ?

We assist in opening banking accounts both for physical persons and legal entities in Europe, support in company registration.

How to rent or purchase a dwelling?

Our real estate agency will help you to solve this issue. fake uhren

Is it true that the taxes in Europe are heavy?

Taxes in Europe ensure the high quality of life. We will develop for you optimal scheme will allow you and your family to minimize your expenses and to enjoy these maximum comfort corresponding the level your contribution as taxpayer. We cooperate with audit company that ranks among the three top audit firms in world, the best financiers and analysts.

Is it possible for me to get a loan in Europe?

We will assist you in obtaining a loan on advantageous terms! replicas relogios

Will our children have an access to the European education?

Yes, your children will be able to study both in public and private educational institutions!

How expensive are the medical services in Europe?

In Europe the quality level of medical care is very high. We will support you in obtaining of public and, if necessary, of private medical insurance that will cover the biggest part of your expenses!


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